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Q. What are our qualifications?
A. Our security officers are trained, bonded and licensed by Justice Institute of BC and the Police Technologies and Security Programs, Ministry of Justice Division. Our key management team and advisors includes former military personnel, putting us in a solid position to provide your business with integrated security solutions.
Q. Do we have guards with specific training?
A. We have qualified Guards with PSSP, First Aid (OFA) levels 1 to 3 and Local Component Trained, authorized to enter high voltage areas, such as BC Hydro..
Q. How to we interact?
A. We have a no assault policy, meaning our guards are trained to use a non aggressive, open palm technique. They are trained to control a person without having to strike the individual. We believe that controlling a situation verbally is the best way of preventing any and all situations. We also believe that communication is our number one defense.
Q. How do we interface with our clients?
A. We strive to maintain an open line of communication with our clients. Updating our clients on any and all incidents that have occurred at the site or event.
Q. What is our mission?
A. 24/7 Security is a private, fully licensed security company with the mission to provide high quality service to our clients. Identifying and preventing any problems that could affect our clients is our specialty.
Q Are we insured and bonded?
A. The company is bonded and fully insured; putting our clients at ease and always putting their best interest first. Though we are fairly new, 24/7 Security is continuously improving the services we provide to ensure that our clients remain fully satisfied.